RESTORATIVE-YIN YOGA involves supported body/mind relaxation. This is gentle, gentle yoga that promotes deep relaxation for stress reduction while also stretching and rehabilitating connective tissue.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great Calm

Copyright—Lance Kinseth, Great Calm, 2011
A new year— 
Fresh snow robes old buddah—
Beginner’s mind.

Perhaps with this fresh sense of beginning,
We can aspire to come to body-mind practices with beginner’s mind.

Coming fresh and without expectation, we begin to listen more deeply to the body and to the space around it.  We observe body sensations changing like passing clouds—joy, boredom, even anger—but something may be glimpsed that is somehow enduring and unshakable.  Mind, it is said—like sky—remains the same.

To touch this mind, we begin to slow our fast pace, to rest and to become quiet, calming the senses.  If we are fortunate, we directly touch something that does not change, something that is unbreakable, inviolate—something that touches everything.

This is the heart-practice of restorative yoga.

In a restorative practice session, with little effort, we are offered santosha—a state of contentment.  And then, to carry forward santosha into our everyday lives becomes both our task and our pleasure.

To this restorative practice, we may add yin yoga—the quiet way—when it intuitively calls out to us, pressing our body gently, slowly, opening, strengthening.

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