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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dreaming Grass

Copyright Lance Kinseth, Straightforward Heart/Jikishin, 9”x14, linocut—early proof, 1996

Now deep enough
Squirrels dolphin thru snow
Over dreaming grass

BLOWING SNOW slows us, if not stops us dead in our tracks:
Already this week, some hours with no power, no TV, no lights, dropping heat.

Inside, on that day, a candle jumped to center stage. 
But sudden quiet rubbed irritatingly, as withdrawal from noise addiction began. 

Outside, today, the vast power of the tilted Earth rubs against the house.
Still, for all its weight, it is full of restraint, a soft rhowww.

It is a deep song, full of sweeping over- and undertones, coming from far away,
Like stretched-thin blue whales’ calls sweeping though their ocean.

Through the window, nuthatches, jays and cardinals and woodpeckers rush the rocking feeders.
Grackles come in tribes trying to peck each other’s eyes out.

Farther out, wind-formed arabesques of snow
Offer the beautiful script of an indecipherable language.

A new month begins the coming end of winter.
A calm and quiet practice blossoms the grace of problems. 

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