RESTORATIVE-YIN YOGA involves supported body/mind relaxation. This is gentle, gentle yoga that promotes deep relaxation for stress reduction while also stretching and rehabilitating connective tissue.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Transmission Of Light

Copyright Lance Kinseth,  Light-Hope /Komyo, 2011

Summer’s eve and the immanent world swells:
More light and verdant fire kindles a birthing-world.

As if magic overlooked, light is turning the world green.
And even more overlooked and, finally, not absurd,
We are transmigrations of light.

When we soften our breath and quiet,
We may swell to this way in which we are so very much more
Than we allow ourselves to imagine.

DAYS BEGIN TO swell to their longest hours.  The light arrives sooner and remains longer.  Summer solstice nears, when solar energy is rampant, and blossoming inside the life of everything. 

In body-mind practice, we try open the very heart of living and being-ness, regardless of summer or even in Winter solstice, when light seems at its leanest. 

Should we overlook the very heart of life, summer comes round to wash us in the obvious: Endlessly, our practice—our essence—is full of light, radiant, in a most concrete way.

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