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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Metaphor: The INTRA-net Of Body-Mind—Enfolding & Outspreading

Copyright Lance Kinseth, Living Computer, 2012

THERE IS, OF COURSE, the “cybernetic/electronic Internet” that weaves us into the world in remarkable ways.  Within each of us, there is also an inTRA-net with memory that goes deeply back into time, even well before time itself.  And were we to understand this intranet, we might find that it is, perhaps, something not exclusively within.

The body is this intra-net’s  “electronic computer” of sorts.  It has been contrived across the millennia.  Seemingly thick tissue is porous—with a variety of intricate systems of channels—nerves, and circulatory [blood and lymph] and respiratory and digestive, and some sort of more elusive energy process at work [chakras and “meridians,” and quantum processes and chaos patterning and dark matter and suspect particles jumping into other dimensions]. 

In the simplest reflex, perhaps a near ancestor’s gesture is there—that gesture which appears at times in your gesture.  Your index finger—an uncle’s—taps the table.  The tone of your voice is perhaps that of another relative embedded in you carrying forward, alive in you.  Your aging aunt may have pointed such things out to you.

All of the ancestors are there (were you to calm and deeply attend).  And all of the most tested knowledge that reaches far beyond the emergence of genus Homo and species sapiens on the nature of life is also present.  The Earth itself is a billions-years old computer of sorts, outspread into and interconnected with innumerable computers that we name “flora” and “fauna” and “mountain” and “water,” aspiring to answer (as is suggested in The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe), the “meaning of life.”

This intra (“within”) net is “on” in each moment, but it is typically only “reading” (at least, consciously to you and I) the very selective “email” of everyday chatter that is both essential to accessing needs and intrusive to the point of inducing stress.  Because of the overload of just this small range of process, we rarely, if ever, intentionally/consciously go much further, and “search” the files and their connections to the external, infinite “cloud.”

The stillness and calmness of some body-mind practices are the essential “search engine” of this intra-net.  And their most simple objective can be just to induce a little rest and, perhaps, bring a greater sense of harmony between the “little universe” of self and the larger universe that expresses and designs it for a goal of improved health.

When we very intentionally still and calm and quiet, we stand a chance of accessing this Oceanus of information, both stored internally and in the infinite cloud.  Often, however, we get caught up in the rituals of the practices, and may do little more that reflect or mirror our beliefs.  Or we simply aspire to find some moments of respite, and so we lean back into the rituals of a particular body-mind practice.

The ultimate promise of the stillness and calmness of body-mind practices is the possibility of reaching deeply into a landscape that is imaginal rather than imaginary, which is really to say, a deeper reality that is intuitively read.  “Google” “Quiet/Stillness/Calmness,” and be sure to combine your search with a strong sense of self-criticism to gradually bypass our cultural/social/psychological filters enough to begin to access this intra-net, and see what might present itself.

Aspire to offer an invitation rather than set an intention [often culturally driven and therefore limiting.  Quiet, still, and calm, not making anything, not believing, not defining, just opening a gate where there had appeared to be a wall.

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