RESTORATIVE-YIN YOGA involves supported body/mind relaxation. This is gentle, gentle yoga that promotes deep relaxation for stress reduction while also stretching and rehabilitating connective tissue.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Mind Like Compost

Lance Kinseth, 2007

            On Top

All this new stuff goes on top
turn it over     turn it over
wait     and water down.
From the dark bottom
turn it out
let it spread through, silt down,
Watch it sprout.

A mind like compost.

IN AXE HANDLES, poet Gary Snyder describes an Earthen process that can also be a high mental process.  This mental process can be optimized by the intention to calm and quiet and slow that is central in body mind practices such as restorative yoga.  The barrage of moment-to-moment stimuli that is “on top” is not really the heart of the matter.  Stilling, turning it over, inviting it to spread throughout, to silt down, entering and opening the depths, then recreating, creating, transforming.

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